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All-Natural Hand Sanitizer - Who Turned Off The Lights?

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

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This lemon-scented hand sanitizer is effective, gentle on the hands, and free of the chemical additives found in commercial sanitizers.

There are good reasons not to over-use hand sanitizers. Our skin isn't meant to be sterile, and there is good evidence that trying to keep it that way doesn't benefit health. But if you are a nurse, teacher, or work with medically vulnerable populations, there are times you need to be absolutely sure you are keeping your hands safe for those around you.

Directions: Squeeze a few drops into one palm. Rub hands together, being sure to include both palms and backs of hands.

Amount: 2 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), organic aloe vera gel, organic vegetable gelatin, organic essential oils (tea tree, lemon, and lemongrass)


Reaching for a 'natural' hand sanitizer may make you feel better, but be cautious. Many simply do not work, or have been formulated based on inaccurate or anecdotal information. Anti-microbial essential oils are a wonderful thing, but the amounts and types needed to create an effective hand sanitizer have simply not been established in a meaningful way.

Until we know more, if you're in a situation that calls for hand sanitizer, do it right. Go for the germ insta-kill provided by rubbing alcohol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hand sanitizers with a high concentration of alcohol are the most effective and reliable. To be effective, a homemade hand sanitizer must have at least 65% ethyl alcohol or similar ingredient. Therefore, ALL our hand sanitizers contain 70% or greater concentration of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, of the kind you can buy in your own drug store.

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