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Sol's Sleepytime Salve - Soothing Bedtime Rub - Who Turned Off The Lights?

Sol's Sleepytime Salve - Soothing Bedtime Rub

  • $ 12.00

All Natural • Organic • Unrefined • Cruelty-Free


This soothing mix of herbs and essential oils in a mild, skin butter base was created at the request of Sol's mom. Warm with the scents of lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood, and with just a touch each of marjoram and valerian essential oils, this salve's gentle aroma can help adults and youngsters alike relax into their bedtime routines. We hope it will help ease Sol into sleep, and his awesome parents into a relaxing evening of their own.

Directions: As part of a healthful evening routine, rub a small amount onto your arms, chest, or back. Breath deeply, and enjoy.

Pair this salve with a steaming cup of our Peace on Earth herbal tea for a wonderfully sleepy bedtime combination.

CONTAINS: Organic Shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, organic rose hip seed oil, beeswax, organic herbs (lavender, marjoram, & valerian), and organic essential oils (lavender, vetiver, cedarwood, marjoram, & valerian.)

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